How To Recognize Your True Twin Flame: Remembering Who You Are

Updated: Jun 9

By: Savannah Mayer @Journey Home To God

That feeling, It’s always there. That feeling of desiring more, desiring to feel joyful eternally, just desiring to feel good, peaceful, and happy. No matter what, no matter how many places traveled to, or no matter where I go, that feeling it is always there. I wonder why I can’t always feel joyful, peaceful, and happy. Then there’s that disappointment that sinks in of being told that’s the way life is. But why? I wonder. Why? This can’t be all there is to life. There must be something more. Something greater.

Feel that feeling? That’s always there. That voice that always telling you there’s something more. Follow it. No matter how hard the journey gets, keep following it. No matter how many illusions try to drown that voice out, keep following it. Keep going even when you can’t see, but can only hear that faint voice. It’s leading you somewhere, to somewhere purely Divine. It’s leading you back to the truth, the truth of where you have always been, the truth of who you’ve always been, but had once long forgotten.

Here in the presence of your heart, in the presence of love, you will remember.

In that quiet stillness, you begin to feel all of your life play right in front of your eyes. But in the presence of your heart, in the presence of love, your life begins to look different. You notice something that you hadn’t seen before when looking back on your life. Tears run down your eyes as you realize what you are seeing. From the time you were born, to the first time you walked and talked, to the times when you were sad, happy, joyful, uplifted, to the times when you had fallen in life and gotten back up again, He was always there. He was right by your side. Holding your hand, always desiring to be closer to you, and being filled with so much joy seeing you joyful, and always desiring for you to feel that way. You begin to realize all those times you thought you were alone, you weren’t. You see that you were never alone. You realize that voice that was always calling to you was His. That separation that had always been an illusion is no longer blinding your eyes. That darkness is gone. You can see again. You can truly see the light that has always been. That search for something more, something greater, it’s over. It’s one with you. He is always with you and has never left you. He is your Father. He is the one who created you and knows you like nobody else does. He is God.

As you look back on your life and you see God in it, you realize that’s where you’ve always been, with Him. You see you for who you’ve always been. All the times you felt lost, when you didn’t know who you were inside, those times all fall away. You see yourself the way God sees you. As Perfect. Divine. Innocent. and Unconditionally Loved. 🥰

You now remember who you truly are. You recognize your oneness with God. And from this place, you recognize your True Twin Flame.

More About The Author:

Savannah Mayer is Certified Ascension Coach at Twin Flames Universe. Everything she knows about the Twin Flame Journey, she has learned from her Gurus, Jeff & Shaleia Divine, at They have shown her the way back to God through the teachings of Union and in doing so, have shown her the path to healing Twin Flame separation. As a Certified Ascension Coach, she is here to support you on your Twin Flame journey and help you end separation. If you are ready to heal twin flame separation for good, sign up for the FREE Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course today at where you will receive a 50% off Coupon on your first session with an Ascension Coach. You can find Savannah at and reach out to her letting her know that you would like to use your coupon on your first one hour session with her. She looks forward to working with you soon. 😊

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