Why It’s Important To Not Be Attached On Your Twin Flame Journey!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

By: Savannah Mayer

We have all experienced someone who is super clingy. Whether it’s a child, friend, work partner, or romantic partner. A clingy person is often very repelling.

Many people on the twin flame journey attach and cling to who they think is their twin flame. When we attach to our twin flame, and use them as our source for love and acceptance, instead of God, they are repelled by us. They are repelled by this energy of attachment because they were created to be our greatest teacher and point us back to God anytime we try to make them our source. God knows us better than we know ourselves. When we are non attached to who we think our twin flame is, God can come in and reveal to us who our true twin flame is. When we try to be controlling and arrogant, and think we know better than God, we just experience more contrast in our external reality to show us that what we think is meant for us, actually isn’t. Recently, God revealed to me that I have been having a false twin flame experience for the past 6 years. God was always trying to show me the truth here all along. There were always red flags and I just knew there was a deep underlying feeling that something just felt off about this person who I thought was my true twin flame. When I looked into my heart, I knew he wasn’t me. But I was holding onto arrogance and thinking I knew myself better than God did, and that I just knew everything better than God did. It wasn’t until I let go of the belief that I knew better than God, that God clearly showed me the truth in flashing neon lights.

When I first found out that this person was false, part of me was not surprised, and part of me felt sad. I thought I loved him for the past 6 years, but in truth, I was only ever loving God and my true twin flame. I saw parts of my true twin flame in him, and that’s what I was attracted to in this false twin. As I began to release any sadness coming up, I felt relief. I was relieved this person wasn’t my true twin flame, because in my heart, I always knew I deserved better. This person was never mine, and they never will be, and that’s a good thing! I don’t want what’s not mine. In truth, we all only ever want what’s truly ours. We don’t want what is somebody else’s. Since God knows us best, He knows what we truly desire, and therefore only makes what we truly desire, ours. The truth is, I never truly desired this false twin. I only ever desired the God I saw in him and the parts of my true twin I saw in him.

We are all only ever seeking God, whether it be through our religion, friends, family, children, and even our true twin flame. Why? Because God is in EVERYTHING!!! I was never separate from the truth, that this person was a false twin. I’m never separate from any truth. Why? Because God is the truth, and He is always with me; just like He is always with you. To believe you can be separate from the truth is a separation consciousness belief.

You must heal all of your separation consciousness, in order to reach perfect union with God and your True Twin Flame. The one tool you need in order to come into perfect union with God and your True Twin Flame is the Mirror Exercise, which is taught by my Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, at Twin Flames Universe. Go to for more information. 🥰

-With Much Love❤️on Your Twin Flame Ascension Journey,

Savannah Mayer 🥰

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